Why a Private Tour?

turkey private tour

Private tours have many advantages when you compare with general tours. Here are some of these;

  • You can ask as many questions as you wish, much easier than when you are in a large group...
  • With a large group, you have to follow a certain schedule. When there is 30-40 people with different interests, some of them taking photos of everything and being late all the time, there is a big chance to miss some good points of tour...
  • Private tours are tailor made to your interests, so you have freedom to choose places to visit and places to skip. You decide when to start and when to finish your tour...
  • When on tour with a large group, guides sometimes have to skip some interesting details in a sight, because there might be not enough time to show it to everyone, or simply because of a busy tour itinerary...
  • When on a private tour, while visiting the sights you do not have to wait for a long time in lines to get tickets... At all the sights in Turkey, guides have priority for purchasing entrances and being locals, we know the busiest parts of day and points in a sight, we can help you avoid the crowds.
  • If you have any specific interest or inquiry, you can mail us before your arrival so that we can plan and arrange everything before your arrival...
  • When you are in a large group, it can happen that you can't hear the guide, that you stay behind the group can't hear the guide, that you stay behind the group because you prefer doing things at your own pace
  • On a private tour, you can communicate much better with guide and interact with local people - you can have a real, authentic experience.
  • You do not have to share a bus with 40 people. For all our private tours we use new models of Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter with private, reliable drivers.

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Why Felicity Travel?

  • Ertunga and Maria Ecir are both active tourist guides.
  • This is a family business, so when you contact us to get information about a tour, you will get a reply from a local guide - person who knows how much is doable considering your time frame, who knows where to eat, what to skip, what is a must in a certain area...
  • We have been working with one team of guides for years, and they are all very knowledgeable, reliable and fluent in 2 or more languages.
  • Shortly, you can get the best service and the most reasonable price. There are no middle agencies and commissions. You are buying your tour directly from a local Turkish travel agency run by local guides...

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