A great tour

We went to Ephesus and it was the highlight of our trip. We booked the trip from the rep in our hotel, I thin it was 48 euro each, The bus picked us up at the hotel and we had a tour guide who was very good. We wnet to Ephesus, you wouldnt need to be a history buff to go here, it really is fantastic. After that we went to lunch(included) then we went to St. John’s Basilica, where we also got a full tour. After that we went to the house of Mother Mary, the house where She lived for the last 11 years of her life. Its the only place in the world where both muslims and catholics pray together. This is a great trip. It doesnt HAVE to be booked from the hotel, lots of people on Ladies Beach also do the trip. I do’t know the prices though.

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