Where Do I Start Regarding Ertunga

My husband,daughter and myself had the privilege of travelling through Turkey with Ertunga and his extremely experienced driver Moustafa in January.
We experienced the wonderful delights of Turkey with a tour guide who is knowledgeable and very experienced at taking care of your every needs.
My daughter was sick one day and was not eating so Ertunga bought her a beautiful box of fresh strawberries so as to entice her to eat,which by the way worked a treat!
We spent many hours absorbing the rich tapestry of history Turkey has to offer and we could have had no one better to impart this deep knowledge than Ertunga.
Ertunga used to be a teacher and his skills showed especially in his ability to engage our teenage daughter with history etc and to keep her interest sustained throughout the tour,not an easy feat!
We laughed,danced and experienced Turkey like a local and in the process made a new friend in Ertunga .
I cannot recommend Ertunga highly enough as a guide,he will anticipate your needs and take care of your comfort all with a smile.
Thank you Ertunga for taking care of my family and sharing your country with us.We hope to return to travel more and will be contacting you to be our guide once again.
Bronwyn Simmons


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