Turkish Delight!

Ertunga picked up the 10 of us at the dock. Off we went to Ephesus (45 min drive) When we arrived, tickets were already looked after and then we proceeded into the historic site. We found that his passion and knowledge of the ruins was excellent. After Ephesus, we drove and hung out in Sirince (a small Turkish village) and observed many local customs. We also purchased some delicious Turkish wine. Next we were whisked away to a native turkish home and we had an authentic home cooked meal. This was definitely the highlight. Lastly we were dropped off at the Bazaar, where we enjoyed some shopping before going back to the ship. Be careful…the merchants everywhere we went in Turkey were very aggressive. Overall, I would say that our time here was Safe and Eventful. Next time we will be visiting Istanbul and look forward to another exciting Turkish Adventure

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