Great day in Ephesus

Hi Ertunga. I just want to let everyone know what a great time we had with you on our trip at the end of September. We’d been there before (2 years ago) and were saddled with an AWFUL guide who raced us through sites with no commentary. This time it was FABULOUS! I’m an avid history buff and have a degree in Art History. The couple we were travelling with had little or no background. Ertunga managed gracefully to walk the fine line between overwhelming our friends while keeping up with all my questions – so nice to have someone who actually had the answers too! Our lunch in Sirince was great too – our friends being true “foodies” we ordered almost everything on the menu just to try things and he was so gracious he managed to keep from laughing at us through the entire lunch as the dishes just kept coming and coming!!! The table looked like it was set for an Emperor!! And at the end, he timed it SO perfectly that we got back to the boat just 5 minutes before we had to be there!!! To all the great Trip Advisor family who’s reviews I used to find Ertunga – THANKS. To those looking for a great guide for anything you want to do in the Ephesus area – I highly recommend Ertunga – you won’t be sorry. He already knows that our third trip in 2014 will include him !!

This is our Tripadvisor review

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