From West to East Turkey with Ertunga

We did a 15-day customized trip with Ertunga in April 2014, from the Aegean Coast all the way till near the Syrian border. He is very knowledgeable, you could learn not only the historical facts of the numerous ruins and heritage sites in Turkey, but also on current affairs of Today’s Turkey.

Ertunga is organized, patience, and full of ideas. Before we embark on this trip, we actually spent months communicating, numerous emails exchanged, he’s always patience with us and give good suggestions on how to make the travel route better, more exciting. He’s a true travel planner, not just a guide.

We especially like the “home visit” in Serince, a very different dining experience at local home, having home-cooked meal, home made wine, and nice interaction session with the locals. We also enjoyed the high sea “fishermen boat ride” in Assos very much, and the bonfire night on the beach later. And in Mt. Nemrut and Harran, all those funny photos of us all jumping and hopping around, always bring back fond memories of this trip.

Thank you so much, Ertunga, you’ve helped to made our trip special!

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