Wonderful tour and COMPLETELY SAFE!!

My husband and I (both professionals from NYC) (50 and 44) did a private tour of Ephesus with Ertunga followed by a private tour of Priene, Miletus, and Didyma the following day as part of our 10 days in Turkey. We had not planned the second day with Ertunga, but after touring Ephesus with him, we asked him to meet us the following day as well. These were incredible tours, a real highlight of our trip. We are extremely interested in Turkey’s ancient history and planned our trip around as much of it as we could. We rented a car from the airport in Istanbul and drove around Turkey for 10 days. We hired guides to meet us each day at the site that we wanted to visit. Ertunga was by far, one of the best. He is very well informed and very perceptive about the interests of his guests. There was not a question that he could not answer and provided us terrific historic insight of each site in context of our overall trip. We had done a lot of homework before coming to Turkey and in some cases, we found that we knew as much as our guide, but not here!! Ertunga was able to truly keep us interested and engaged for 2 whole days. I would absolutely recommend him for anyone going to Turkey, even beyond the sites we toured with him. He even sent us to some off the beaten path sites as we continued our trip that paid off in spades!! As a side note, Turkey is EXTREMELY SAFE and incredibly beautiful. Anyone considering it should not be afraid and should go. You will benefit from gorgeous weather, wonderful people and no crowds.

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