The Seven Churches Tour

As a young Catholic priest I was a little apprehensive to travel in a Muslim country with as much tensions as there has been in the recent past, but I was really looking forward to seeing the seven Churches which St John wrote to in the book of Revelations, as well as Mary’s house in Ephesus. I took this trip both as a tourist but above all as a pilgrim. I could not have been more impressed with your guide Ertunga’s knowledge and professionalism throughout the entire trip. He went out of his way to ensure that all of our needs were met and that we were able to spend as much time at each site as we needed. Despite the apprehension that I had initially felt about the trip, all of my worries were very quickly laid to rest as I found the people of Turkey to be extremely hospitable, friendly and eager to help with anything we needed.
I would have zero hesitations to go back or to recommend Ertunga as a tour guide. It as an incredible historical and spiritual experience.

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