Best Tour Guide. Ever.

Ertunga is simply the best tour guide we’ve had in terms of friendliness, knowledge, organization, and ability to be flexible. He is a wonderful tour guide to have for Ephesus and other areas of Kusadasi because he knows the best viewing spots, helps you to dodge the crowds by being flexible if you can be, and he has a wealth of knowledge on the history, culture, and politics of the area–both ancient and current. But it is more than that—he’ll take the time to make your trip the best in whatever way he can. If you bring up seemingly random things—olive oil, wine, good local restaurants, types of food specific to the area–he will help you find answers and give you the local tips on how to find what you are looking for at a good deal.
Ertunga also plans complete package tours, which is the option we chose. He planned a 2 week trip for us and was very helpful, responsive, and he answered my barrage of questions. I emailed him over the course of months to plan this trip and he patiently changed the itinerary, plotted out the best plan, and took all our requests into consideration (no long bus rides if possible, smaller groups, the kind of hotel room, etc.) He was incredibly accommodating and gives you a fair price. Ertunga works hard to give you a fantastic trip and really puts a lot of thought into it. Everything went smoothly on our trip. Every transfer was there when they were supposed to be, every hotel was great and in a good location for walking, someone was always waiting for us at the airport, all the tickets and entrance fees were taken care of. This was only the second time we’ve ever done a trip where we did not plan everything and if it could always run this smoothly, then I would never plan my own trips again.
I don’t want to raise expectations beyond human levels, so let me just end this post by saying that Ertunga is just a really good guy who loves his job and he does it very well.

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