2 week customised tour with “Turkey Private Tours by Ertunga Ecir”

We were so glad we ignored the well-meaning advice not to go to Turkey, as we had the most fantastic time, visiting extraordinary towns and sites which we mostly had to ourselves and as we felt safe travelling with a private well-rated company that showed it could be flexible if need be or if things got tough.

We chose Ertunga’s Tour company as Ertunga and Maria responded readily to all our emails as we negotiated our two week tour from Istanbul to Amasra, Safranbolu, Bozengale/Hattusas, Sivas, Mt Nemrut, Cappadocia, Antalya, Pamuklae, Ephesus and dropped us off at Fetihye. We also liked the way Ertunga was keen to find out exactly what we were interested in and the type of accommodation we preferred.
As a result we stayed in some lovely small family owned boutique hotels enabling us to meet local people and try a range of local delicacies. They were all clean and comfortable and with modern bathrooms.

Our van, owned and driven by Mustafa was a modern, 14 seater Mercedes van that was meticulously clean, very comfortable, and with continuous wifi.

Ertunga was flexible, kind, thoughtful of pur interests and needs and patient throughout our trip. He was extremely knowledgeable about archaeology and history even in areas that are off his usual route and his enthusiasm was infectious. He did not overwhelm us with information and answered our enquiries about political and social matters objectively and informatively. His English is excellent and he also speaks Spanish and Serbian. He also had a great sense of humour and smile.

We really appreciated that he introduced us to many Turkish experiences from trying the foods and specialties of a town or region, drinking Raki with fish, having a Hamman in the ancient buildings in Safranbolu and having lunch in a family home at Sirence, Mustafa producing a birthday cake when needed, and a bottle of red we had had previously praised to celebrate at the top of Mt Nemrut.

It was this care for detail that we really enjoyed, the fact that we felt safe in their company and that Ertunga and Mustafa make a great team.


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