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From now on, we will be posting news and stories on daily or weekly basis. We will try to give you all the necessary informations about tourism in Turkey, as well as the general news and interesting stories. Let's start with some important rules of organizing a private tour in Turkey.


tursab belge 11471The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), is one of the main bodies in the tourism of Turkey. Every tour must be organized by an official travel agent with an A type license (agenices that offer and perfom all kinds of services to domestic and foreign tourists). So, in every vehicle used for the private tour in Turkey there should be a board with the name of agency, it's license number and TURSAB logo.


The Turkish Union of Tourist Guides (TUREB), is the authority that deals with all the questions of importance for the guides: decides about the official guiding fees, organizes guiding courses and seminars, renewals of the licenses, communicates with the agencies in the name of guides, offers legal support etc. To become a tourist guide in Turkey, one has to complete a training, and pass language, history and general culture exams, so that he/she can get the guiding license. The license must be renewed every year. For anyone who has not been licensed, it is strictly prohibited to act as a guide.

TURSAB and TUREB are under control of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, as a highest authority. All the vehicles used for the transport of tourist must have special documents which proof that they are licensed for tourism purposes.

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22 day turkey itinerary toursThere are various reasons:

  • Guides know how you can use your precious time most efficiently.
  • They have priority to buy the entrances to the sights, so you do not have to wait in long lines.
  • Our tour guides know the roads, shortcuts and busy ares so can save you from being stuck in traffic - guides know where you can eat well, what are the best points for taking.
  • Photos in one sight - you are not a member of a large group, so a tour can be tailor made according to your interests and available time...

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