East Turkey Tour

Eastern part of Turkey is not one of the main touristic areas in Turkey, so it always surprises visitors with its cultural and historical richness, with places like Gobekli Tepe – the oldest religious construction yet discovered in the world, Gaziantep and its world famous cuisine, multi – cultural Antakya and Mardin...

East Turkey tour is a unique and unforgetable experience

Eastern Turkey Itinerary

Day 1: Adana-Tarsus-Adana

  • Pick up from Adana airport and drive to Tarsus, the birth place of Saint Paul.
  • Arrive to Tarsus and visit to the well of Saint Paul and the Cleopatra Gate.
  • Lunch in Tarsus and drive back to Adana.
  • Overnight stay in Adana

Day 2: Antakya

the church of Saint Peter

  • Breakfast and departure to the Biblical city Antakya. Its museum has one of the richest Roman mosaic collections of the world.
  • Outside the city there is the cave of Saint Peter.
  • Overnight stay in Antakya

Day 3: Gaziantep

  • Arrival to Gaziantep.
  • There we will visit the mosaic museum which houses a collection of mosaics from the now sunken city of Zeugma.
  • We will visit the citadel and the Old Town of Gaziantep.
  • Overnight in Gaziantep.

Day 4: Urfa


  • After breakfast we will drive fom Gaziantep to Urfa.
  • We will visit the ancient town of Harran with its “Beehive” houses.
  • Then the archaeological site at Gobekli Tepe to visit what is considered to be the oldest religious construction yet discovered.
  • Overnight in Urfa

Day 5: Adıyaman Kahta

  • From Urfa we depart for Nemrut.
  • En route, we will stop at the Ataturk Dam, the keystone in the South East Anatolian Project (GAP).
  • Overnight stay in Kahta.

Day 6: Nemrut and Arrive to Mardin

turkey tour nemrut

  • We will visit the summit of Nemrut for sunrise.
  • We visit the ancient funerary monument at the summit of mt. Nemrut in Adiyaman.
  • With a brief stop in Diyabakir we carry on to Mardin.
  • Overnight stay in Mardin

Day 7: Mardin - Tatvan

  • After breakfast we will visit the ancient Saffron Monastery, an important religious site for Syriac Christians.
  • From Mardin we proceed to Hasankeyf on the River Tigris and down the Bitlis Gorge to Bitlis.
  • Overnight in Tatvan.

Day 8: Ahlat - Van


  • Depart from Tatvan to Van, on the way visiting Seljuk monuments of Ahlat
  • The great volcano crater of Nemrut
  • Along the shore of the Lake Van proceed to Van.
  • Overnight stay in Van.

Day 9: Van City Tour

  • Sightseeing in the Van region including a visit to the 17th century fortress of Hosap, sitting astride the ancient Silk Road into Persia and the Orient.
  • In the afternoon we will visit the island of Akdamar in Lake Van and the 10th century Church of the Holy Cross.
  • Overnight in Van.

Day 10:  Biblical Mountain of Ararat and Arrive to Kars

ishak pasha palace

  • On to Ishak Pasha Saray, passing the Biblical mountain of Ararat to Dogubeyazit.
  • Overnight stay in Kars.

Day 11: Kars Tour and Erzurum

  • In Kars we visit the ancient Armenian city of Ani on the Arpacay River
  • Then proceed via the First World War battlefield site of Sarakimis and the Aras River valley, sightseeing in Erzurum.
  • Overnight in Erzurum.

Day 12: Georgian Valleys - Hopa

  • We depart Erzurum for Hopa via the spectacular Georgian Valleys, Ishan and Artvin.
  • Overnight in Hopa.

Day 13: Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Trabzon

  • From Hopa we drive along the Black Sea border to Sumela.
  • Visiting the cliff side monastery of the Virgin Mary at Sumela in the Altindere national park before proceeding to the 14th century Byzantine church of Hagia Sofia overlooking the Black Sea.
  • Arriving to Trabzon and overnight there.

Day 14: Fly to Istanbul

  • Transfer to airport and fly to Istanbul

Some Questions

What should I do in Turkey for 14 days?

If you have already visited Turkey and its top attractions in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus area, but would like to come again, we would strongly recommend you to explore Eastern Turkey. If you have 2 weeks for this trip, traveling from Adana to Trabzon, you can cover some of impressive places like Tarsus - birthplace of Paul, the Biblical city of Antioch, the oldest temple in the world - Gobekli Tepe, Biblical mountain of Ararat and the unique Sumela Monastery...

How much money would I need for 14 days in Turkey?

The budget you would need depends on the time of year, your sightseeing plans etc. Prices in Turkey are generally lower than in Wester countries, and Eastern Turkey is much cheaper than other parts of the country, as it is not very touristic.

Which is the best month to visit Turkey?

Summer can be very hot and winter very cold, rainy and snowy in Turkey. The best time to come would be March to May and September to November. Spring and autumn are pleasantly warm, room rates in hotels are average and sites are not too crowded.

The Best Turkey Travel Guide for You!

Our Turkey travel guides are locals who have very good knowledge not only about the sights in the area, but also about the history of Christianity.

They are all fluent in English, and some of them guide also in other languages.

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  • My family and I visited turkey at the end of 2010..we were very impressed with our tour guides Mr Nizam Adsiz as as well as Mrs Aylin Sekban.. Both spoke good english and we managed to develop a friendship with both of them which made the tours more enjoyable. Will definitely be going back to Turkey.
  • We have just arrived from Turkey, we had an splendid adventure from Efesus to Capadoccia, visiting wonderful cities and archeological sites. Pamukkale, Afrodisias, Sagalassos….Konya, everything was wonderful Ertunga, Blüent and Mustafa made our journey fantastic.
    Maria Graciela G-Mexico City, Meksika
  • Ertunga is a great guide, super friendly, very big knowledge of the area and very pleasant to be around. He arrived with a driver and a Mercedes van, good space for the 3 of us. He made the tour as we went along, so we did see exactly what we wanted, and as our son is only 4 years old, we did have to speed up some places. All made possible by Ertunga, though I am sure he could tell much more in each place, since his knowledge seems extreme. Be sure to book with Ertunga.
  • Amazing guide with a lot of patience and a wealth of information about every sight we visited. Would definately recommend him highly for a smaller or a larger group.
    Aslam K
  • Turkey wouldn’t be the same without Ertunga…he treated us just like family and was the best private tour I could ever have !!!

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