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unbelievable 14 day tour of Turkey with Ertunga

We were extremely happy with the 14 day tour we organised with Ertunga and Maria his wife over a 6 month period via the internet.
They were prompt with communication and happy to take on board where we would like to go.We went from Istabnbul to the black sea,then down to Mt Nemrut,Cappadocia,Antalya,Pamukkale and ended in Selcuk to visit Ephesus..
The twelve setter BMW van was extremely comfortable especially as there was only four of us and Mustafa the driver was a very careful thoughful driver. A bonus is that there is free wifi as well.
We saw sites that other people would not have seen if on a conventional tour eg Sagalassos.

Our accomadation was a mixture of B&B’s and hotels which were all extremely good.
Ertunga and Mustafa were very keen to show us and let us eat the local food which were all delicious. We organised with Ertunga that he provided breakfast and lunch in the quote and we found our own evening meal which we like to do.

It is with sadness that with the troubles (which we saw none) that tourism is devastated and I would like to emphasis that we did not feel endangered at anytime.
I would thoroughy reccommend Ertunga as a very knowledgable and polite guide.

We have travelled and lived in many different countries and I would like to say that we found Turkey to be vibrant,clean,great food,unbelievable architecture so please do yourself a favour and visit.

Thankyou Ertunga,Maria and Mustafa for an unforgettable experience we will be back.


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A great day in Ephesus area

We visited Ephesus with Ertunga in June this year, during our 10 day stay in Kusadasi. As there were four of us, we decided to rent a car in and meet Ertunga at Ephesus gate. He was very responsive and flexible regarding meeting place and time in our mail communication. We visited Ephesus, Terrace Houses and Sirince where we had lovely lunch in Emine’s home (loved the food!). Ertunga gave us detailed information not only about the sites but also about the situation in Turkey these days… He is very knowledgeable and patient; gave us enough time to take photos everywhere and answered all our question. Before this trip we had some concerns about safety considering the news we get from Turkey almost every day but I must say we felt very safe and relaxed during our stay in this part of Turkey!

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Excellent service and knowledgeable guide

I arranged a private tour with Ertunga Ecir (Ephesus, Pammukale, Pergammon) in Sept 2016. The planning experience with Maria is exceptional. She is always willing to work with you on your needs. Maria and Ertunga give recommendations on offtrack tours such as Askepion hospital ruins, which sheds light on the spiritual healing philosophy thousands of years ago and is still practiced in modern medicine. The boutique hotels Maria recommends is excellent – cozy with great service. Ertunga also allows us to start our trip early in the morning such that we can maximize on time and avoid the crowd. The car is excellent and the driver is great.
Ertunga is extremely knowledgeable on the history, culture of Turkey. His explanation is clear and he speaks good English. Ertunga’s time management is wonderful and you do not feel rushed / exhausted. The local food (which we request for our trip) is yummy.
Who said Turkey is not safe? I enjoy every moment of my stay. Every people we meet on our way is friendly (Istanbul, Ismir, Cappadocia). I enjoy outdoor dining as the weather is nice and there are no bugs. Even the bathrooms along the pit stop is clean, with paper towels and hand dryer.

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2 week customised tour with “Turkey Private Tours by Ertunga Ecir”

We were so glad we ignored the well-meaning advice not to go to Turkey, as we had the most fantastic time, visiting extraordinary towns and sites which we mostly had to ourselves and as we felt safe travelling with a private well-rated company that showed it could be flexible if need be or if things got tough.We chose Ertunga’s Tour company as Ertunga and Maria responded readily to all our emails as we negotiated our two week tour from Istanbul to Amasra, Safranbolu, Bozengale/Hattusas, Sivas, Mt Nemrut, Cappadocia, Antalya, Pamuklae, Ephesus and dropped us off at Fetihye. We also liked the way Ertunga was keen to find out exactly what we were interested in and the type of accommodation we preferred.
As a result we stayed in some lovely small family owned boutique hotels enabling us to meet local people and try a range of local delicacies. They were all clean and comfortable and with modern bathrooms.

Our van, owned and driven by Mustafa was a modern, 14 seater Mercedes van that was meticulously clean, very comfortable, and with continuous wifi.

Ertunga was flexible, kind, thoughtful of pur interests and needs and patient throughout our trip. He was extremely knowledgeable about archaeology and history even in areas that are off his usual route and his enthusiasm was infectious. He did not overwhelm us with information and answered our enquiries about political and social matters objectively and informatively. His English is excellent and he also speaks Spanish and Serbian. He also had a great sense of humour and smile.

We really appreciated that he introduced us to many Turkish experiences from trying the foods and specialties of a town or region, drinking Raki with fish, having a Hamman in the ancient buildings in Safranbolu and having lunch in a family home at Sirence, Mustafa producing a birthday cake when needed, and a bottle of red we had had previously praised to celebrate at the top of Mt Nemrut.

It was this care for detail that we really enjoyed, the fact that we felt safe in their company and that Ertunga and Mustafa make a great team.


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Wonderful tour and COMPLETELY SAFE!!

My husband and I (both professionals from NYC) (50 and 44) did a private tour of Ephesus with Ertunga followed by a private tour of Priene, Miletus, and Didyma the following day as part of our 10 days in Turkey. We had not planned the second day with Ertunga, but after touring Ephesus with him, we asked him to meet us the following day as well. These were incredible tours, a real highlight of our trip. We are extremely interested in Turkey’s ancient history and planned our trip around as much of it as we could. We rented a car from the airport in Istanbul and drove around Turkey for 10 days. We hired guides to meet us each day at the site that we wanted to visit. Ertunga was by far, one of the best. He is very well informed and very perceptive about the interests of his guests. There was not a question that he could not answer and provided us terrific historic insight of each site in context of our overall trip. We had done a lot of homework before coming to Turkey and in some cases, we found that we knew as much as our guide, but not here!! Ertunga was able to truly keep us interested and engaged for 2 whole days. I would absolutely recommend him for anyone going to Turkey, even beyond the sites we toured with him. He even sent us to some off the beaten path sites as we continued our trip that paid off in spades!! As a side note, Turkey is EXTREMELY SAFE and incredibly beautiful. Anyone considering it should not be afraid and should go. You will benefit from gorgeous weather, wonderful people and no crowds.

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Excellent Safe Tour

Grandparents with two grandsons 16 and 12 Ertunga picked us up at port and we were in advance of the boat tours so we even had Mary’s House all to ourselves for a few minutes. ( special) Ertunga did an excellent job of talking about history with the boys. We saw a lot and had just us 4 with a guide. At the end of a safe day Ertunga returned us to the ship. Great 5 star tour.

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Amazing Day for our family

Eric picked us up on time at the pier with a driver in a nice new mini bus. We had a incredible day. Eric is an official guide not just a driver and came with us into the sites and the museums to explain everything. We had 3 kids with us and he made it an amazing day.

He also does personal tours into the heart of the country. I would feel comfortable trusting him to keep us safe and provide an incredible experience.

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Very informative and educational

We were 2 adults with 2 young children that were picked up from the Kusadasi port for a private excursion to Ephesus. The guide, Emir Evren, was very knowledgable and gave us an excellent tour of Ephesus. We also visited the site where Virigin Mary spent her last days. We had asked Ertunga Ecir, the owner to arrange for a traditional lunch with a Turkish family and he sure took care of our request. We visited the quaint village of Sirince, where we ate a delicious, home cooked lunch prepared by Ertunga’s friend, Emire. Emire and her husband Mehmet were extremely gracious and we got to chat with them about Turkish culture and customs during our lunch. As per our request, we were also taken to a carpet weaving factory. This tour was a amazing cultural immersion for all of us.

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Personalized tour to Ephesus with Ertunga

I booked this excursion online before we went on the Royal Caribbean cruise. It was the best decision we made to book this excursion privately instead of going through the cruise ship excursion. It was easy to communicate with his staff via email and facebook. We were greeted exactly at the time he said we’ll meet with a huge sign with my name on it, right outside the port. He was considerate of our requirements (traveling with babies et. all). Took us to an amazing place for lunch. Not expensive either. With extra time left after touring Ephesus, he took us to a local farmers market. That was an incredible experience for us to get a taste of the local life in Kusadasi.
Ertunga grew up in Kusadasi and knows everything you want to know about the place. I would highly recommend to book him and his amazing AC and carpeted van for your excursion to Ephesus.

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Full Day Private Turkey Tour by Ertunga Ecir

This tour was recommended to me via a coworker and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Me and my other 2 travel friends enjoyed our tour in Turkey very much. We got to see a lot more sites than anyone taking a paid excursion off of the cruise ship. In addition, not only did we see beautiful sites, we also got a full history lesson! The tour is flexible and the guides know where to take you and when. Some of the locations are swamped with tourist and we were able to move around the crowds at our own pace to miss the crowds. It was nice to also have an experienced guide that could tell you where to take the best photos and also take you to a very nice restaurant for lunch and describe the way locals cook and how. Truly amazing tour and guide. Would highly recommend for anyone that is looking to see a lot of amazing sites on a very short timeline.

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