Ephesus Afternoon Tour

We organize private tours in Ephesus, Istanbul, Pergamon, Pamukkale and many other sights in Turkey.

You probably know that Ephesus is very crowdy all year long and that the worst time to visit it is summer because of high teperatures and fact that there is no shade in Ephesus. . .
Well, there is a potential solutions!

This is a perfect tour option for tourists who stay in Selcuk or Kusadsi and have time to discover the area. After lots of walk on your own, you may decide to have a guided tour of Ephesus. If you want to avoid heat and crowds, we can do the tour in the afternoon.

If you are staying in Selcuk or Kusadasi or somewhere close to that area, you can easily walk to Ephesus (I can pick you up if the number of the persons not more then 4) gate or take a dolmus and meet me there around 17. 00 o’clock.
You can have great tour and Ephesus only for yourself!


These prices are group prices, not per person price

1 to 5 pax: 100$
6 to 10 pax: 150$

These prices cover professional guiding service. Entrances, transport, lunch and other personal expenses are not included.

Where and When

Meet up location: Ephesus lower gate
End location: Ephesus upper gate
Duration: 2 hours


  1. How will I meet my guide in Kusadasi cruise port?

    All guides wait otside the terminal and they hold a sign with their guest’s name.

  2. What type of vehicles are used for private Ephesus tours?

    All the vehicles are non-smoking and air-conditioned. We usually use Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito.

  3. How far is Ephesus from Kusadasi port?

    The driving distance between these two places is 30 minutes.

  4. Is there a long que for Ephesus entrances?

    During the high season, on some busy days, there are 4-5 cruise ships in Kusadasi port and thousands of people visiting the sight. Guides have priority for buying entrances, so it is also one of advantages of taking a private tour of Ephesus.

  5. How hot it gets in Ephesus in summer?

    It can be very hot, 38 ºC (100.4 ºF) ir even more, and since there is not much shade in Ephesus, we advise you to bring hat, umbrella and water…

  6. How long is Ephesus tour?

    We usually spend around 2 hours in Ephesus, which is enough time to see all the most important parts of this sight. However, our private Ephesus tours are tailormade, so we do not limit our guests time for sightseeing. It all depends on your interests and available time.

  7. Is it difficult to visit Ephesus in a wheelchair?

    No, it is definitely not difficult anymore, as there are new, additional wooden paths for wheelchairs inside of Ephesus.

  8. Is it possible to join a mass in Virgen Mary’s House?

    During religious holidays and on Sundays there is a mass organizes in Virgin Mary’s House and everybody can join it. It is also possible to arrange a private mass for groups. If you are interested in this option, a priest must be informed in advance.

  9. Is Sirince a typical local village?

    In past, Sirince was a typical local village, but once tourists started visiting it, it became a touristy place. Still, it is nice to visit it, as you can see many old Greek houses from the Ottoman period. This place is also famous for home made fruit wines that you can taste in many winehouses.

  10. Does it worth visiting the Temple of Artemis?

    This Temple was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. There is only one column left there but it is nice to hear the history of the place, so that you can understand Ephesus better.

  11. Does it worth seeing carpet demonstration?

    During our tours, we never make any shopping stop, unless the customer requires so. All the tours are tailor made so our guests decide where to go and how much time to spend in each sight. Even if you are not on the market for carpets, it may be interesting for you to see this demonstration as a part of Turkish culture.


Our tours are tailor-made to your interest. Prices depend on the group size and the tour program. Contact us for details.

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