You got to visit Turkey

After a few years of pondering, we decided go to Turkey for our family vacation. While I love planning my own vacation I needed a LOT of guidance to effectively use our time in Turkey. That’s where Ertunga Ecir came in. Jointly, we narrowed down our 11 day trip to Istanbul, Cappadocia and Izmir (Ephesus and the surroundings). Ertunga provided honest guidance as to where we would need guides and where we could go on our own. His recommendations of the hotels were spot on to our taste and quality. In Istanbul and Cappadocia he arranged representative guides from his network of guides. Ertunga has passion for tourism and with the depth of knowledge of history and the current political situation you will come back from Turkey with a great respect for the country and its heritage.

Truly a memorable family vacation.
Umesh Rao

Visited June 2013

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