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*** Dear readers, this page is the review column for Ertunga Ecir from Kusadasi. If you come across any other guide/tour names in here, you may simply ignore those. Happy travels! ***

Picking a guide online is always a blind faith most of the time. After all your considerations, there’s never a 100% assurance that you have found the right person for the job. Well, to help you save time and headaches, Ertunga would be the wise choice to go with for the following reasons:

1. He loves what he does for a living. So your satisfaction is his priority.
2. He is knowledgeable about his country.
3. He is hardworking.
4. He is very laid back and funny. It’s like talking to a friend.
5. He is contactable. My entire Turkey tour was set up via emails. He’s always reachable in case of emergency via phone.

Basically tell him where you want to go, what you want to see and how much time/budget you have. He will help you plan your trip accordingly. For our trip, we selected our own hotels. Ertunga will try to introduce you to the different cuisines in Turkey and we love it. Food was great. He drove us from city to city and see the beautiful countryside. When it comes to history, he will try to show us the interesting things to look out for and not just the common textbook ones. We all enjoyed his storytelling. Lots of explanations and he does his best to answer our questions. We all love to take pictures and he knows it. But never once he tried to rush us. He let us take our time along the journey.

Some parts of the journey were not guided by him personally. However he will arrange some other means to make sure we get taken care of. Although it wasn’t as enjoyable as with Ertunga, we are quite happy with it. Nothing serious at all.

Perhaps what impresses me most about him is his dedication. He was expecting a group who wants to visit lesser-known attractions. So to prepare for his upcoming job, he was going drive across the country just to visit those places and recce them. He will take note of what’s new and refresh himself before the group arrives next month.

In summary, he made our trip so much more fun and memorable. I highly recommend Ertunga for your next trip in Turkey. His contacts are available at the top of this page, below the title.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


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