Excellent service and knowledgeable guide

I arranged a private tour with Ertunga Ecir (Ephesus, Pammukale, Pergammon) in Sept 2016. The planning experience with Maria is exceptional. She is always willing to work with you on your needs. Maria and Ertunga give recommendations on offtrack tours such as Askepion hospital ruins, which sheds light on the spiritual healing philosophy thousands of years ago and is still practiced in modern medicine. The boutique hotels Maria recommends is excellent – cozy with great service. Ertunga also allows us to start our trip early in the morning such that we can maximize on time and avoid the crowd. The car is excellent and the driver is great.
Ertunga is extremely knowledgeable on the history, culture of Turkey. His explanation is clear and he speaks good English. Ertunga’s time management is wonderful and you do not feel rushed / exhausted. The local food (which we request for our trip) is yummy.
Who said Turkey is not safe? I enjoy every moment of my stay. Every people we meet on our way is friendly (Istanbul, Ismir, Cappadocia). I enjoy outdoor dining as the weather is nice and there are no bugs. Even the bathrooms along the pit stop is clean, with paper towels and hand dryer.

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