Ertunga Ecir gave us a Great day in Ephesus

We had found Ertunga Ecir listed on the Internet with very good reviews. He lived up to all of them. He tailored our day in the Ephesus area to our desires and not to a packaged tour.He arrived with a driver and took us directly to the archaeological site of Ephesus. He accompanied us to the site and then the fun began.

Before we entered the site, he briefly reviewed the history of the place. That helped to set it in context. He had obviously done his research. Then he took us through the site pointing out many features that we would not have noticed and explaining many customs that we would not have known about. He never seemed to be in a hurry. He made Ephesus come alive for us.

He did the same thing at the Basilica of St. John.

He found a very nice restaurant for lunch that was very reasonably priced. He joined us for lunch which was delightful. We got know little bit about his family, about life in Turkey, etc. He took us up to a small village in the mountains and let us wander. We had a delightful time in the shops, stopping at a hotel terrace for tea.

His English was excellent. He was open to our interests and made the day delightful. We will book with him again if we ever get to that area again. We strongly recommend him as a guide. If you really want to understand Ephesus and living in turkey, just get him talking.

Visited October 2015

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