Ephesus with Ertunga

If any of you are considering a private tour of Ephesus, our family hightly recomends Ertunga. He picked us up at our ship accompanied with a driver and an airconditioned mercedes van. He took us to the Virgin Mary’s house, Ephesus and the Terrece Houses. He was so responsive to us. Went slowly when we wanted to, and faster when desired. He was patient when we lingered and when we badgered him with our numerous questions. He was well informed and we didn’t stump him with any questions. Although he must have done the tour a million times he didn’t seem in the least bit bored. When we were indecisive about lunch he gave us options and didn’t pressure us. We ended up chosing the carpet school he recommended and didn’t regret it. The food was great and the carpet making fascinating. Ertunga wanted to make sure we were not pressured to buy anything which was so refressing. We wouldn’t have changed one thing a nd recommend him without any reservations. We are also dying to go back and let him show us more of his beautiful country. Wish we had more time.

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