Best guide–and guided tour–ever!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said our guided tour of Ephesus with Ertunga was one of the highlights of our Mediterranean cruise. Of all our stops (Sicily, Greece, Turkey, Crete), the ruins at Ephesus was one of my favorites. But the day wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing if it weren’t for Ertunga. He was extremely well versed in the history of the area and Ephesus-so much so that my husband took to recording him whenever he spoke. He didn’t rush us through anything and gave us plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the ruins on our own. The nice thing about touring Ephesus with Ertunga is the added bonus of visiting the terrace houses there. They don’t allow large groups, but if you are one-on-one with a guide, you can pay the extra fee to tour the houses…and they are SO amazing. Definitely worth the added cost (which is minimal). Even better? Eating an authentic Turkish meal at a local woman’s home. This completed our perfect day in Turkey and wouldn’t have been possible without Ertunga. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone stopping in Turkey.

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