Awesome experience – way better than I expected.

All the reviews praising this company are correct.

Ertunga was prompt, helpful and courteous is all our email communication beforehand.

We had Osgura as our tour guide and he was awesome. He and the driver were on-time when we disembarked and clearly had our name displayed for us to find him. Osgura was passionate about his country and Ancient Ephasus, and he provided so much information but was not overwhelming with too much detail. He let us take the lead in how much time we stayed in certain parts, and was able to answer any question we asked. He was very knowledgable and personable.

After the tour, he made an excellent recommendation for lunch – a family-owned local place near the ship (Avlu) where we were treated like royalty and had an incredible meal at at a very reasonable price.

I didn’t know much at all about Ancient Ephesus before this tour. Osgura helped history come alive with his narrative. So much so that this was the favorite stop (and we did some incredible tours on our vacation) for several in our group.

Visited June 2013

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